This Pajama-Dress Is Made for Long Car Trips

There’s an art to going on a road trip, and now that cell phones have made navigating a no-brainer, we can really focus in on the finer points. From what you wear to how you get there (and bringing along your own sustenance in case of a late arrival), it’s about the journey and the destination.
1. Jacket


Madewell Denim Kimono

Comfier than a classic denim jacket, this kimono style can be wrapped, tugged, and tucked around your body or over your lap with blanket-like ease.
2 Shoe


Paige Kensington Mule

The ace shoe for car trips is a slip-on that packs a style punch. Beloved denim label Paige has just branched out with shoes that capture its blue-jean-cool persona.

3 Jewelry


Jet Set Candy Charm

Let’s bring back the idea of souvenirs. Commemorate wherever you’re headed (or passing through) with pretty little pieces inspired by old-school charm bracelets.

4 Dress


Sleeper Mini Dress

For road trip clothes that are as comfy as pajamas, look for something that basically is pajamas. This breezy linen dress is meant for sleeping or cruising, making it ideal for a long-haul drive.

5 Wine


Lila Pinot Grigio

A stylish survivalist is always ready. Bring your own wine, no corkscrew required, so you can wind down at the end of a long day of driving.

6 Sunglasses


Krewe Orleans Blinker Sunglasses

The clean lines of classic aviator shades are given a cool touch with tortoiseshell blinkers that hinge in and out to combat peripheral rays.

7 Car


Jaguar XF Sportbrake

When it’s all about the journey, you want said journey to be nice. A luxe ride is paramount for enjoying the trip, making the perfect scenario roomy, plush, and with all the bells and whistles you can dream of.

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