New Feminine Suiting Collection From Rebecca Taylor

When your alarm inevitably goes off in the morning and you force yourself out of your warm, cozy bed, you want something that will make getting up and going to work feel worth it. So why not start with your work wardrobe? Enter: Rebecca Taylor’s new feminine suiting collection—Tailored Rebecca Taylor. The designer’s latest clothing line is so beautiful, you’ll be begging (yes, really!) to go into the office every day of the week (dressed to the nines, of course).

rt tailored look 09 028 v1 Rebecca Taylors New Feminine Suiting Collection Will Have You Begging to Go into Work

From mix-and-match blazers, tops, pants, skirts and more, this wear-to-work collection is beyond chic, and we couldn’t be more obsessed. Think subtle ruffles, a lot of neutrals (basically an excuse to accessorize), military-style blazers and total spring vibes. The light colors and frilly details make this suiting collection one for the sartorial books. The Tailored Rebecca Taylor line is sure to bring a little bit of joy into the office with you each morning—especially if you need a daily dose of spring colors to remind you that the flowers will actually start to blossom soon, and you won’t need a giant puffer coat when you leave work.

Seriously, we’re so in love with everything about this feminine take on power suiting. It’s perfect for every day of the work week (and some weekends, too, if you’re really feeling it). The entire Tailored Rebecca Taylor line is available online on the Rebecca Taylor site right now, so once you pick your favorites, you can immediately ~add to cart~. If only everything were as easy as finding a perfect work wardrobe like this. At least now we’ll have something to look forward to when we hear the sound of our alarm clock blaring in our ears. Maybe we won’t even hit snooze for once! (A girl can dream, OK?)

rt tailored look 06 005 v2 Rebecca Taylors New Feminine Suiting Collection Will Have You Begging to Go into Work

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